Multi-Unit Housing

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If your goal is to offer a cost-effective waste and recycling solution, Pick N Go's multi-unit housing packages are just what your property needs.

Pick N Go offers two unique services for all your property's needs!

  • Daily Doorstep Service
  • Weekly Doorstep Tote Service

Cleanliness and Value

Hassle-Free Waste Collection

Tenants no longer have to push, pull, or drag their waste to the nearest dumpster. They can now simply place their waste and recycling on their doorstep and let us take care of the rest.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Our Service will virtually eliminate labor hours your staff spends organizing dumpster areas, picking up loose debris, and performing basic waste/recycling functions.

Daily Pick-Up

Our professional staff will be on premise weekly for your tenants' convenience, and to ensure your property is presentable every day.

Regularly Cleaned Dumpster Areas

Our crews will keep your dumpster areas clear of loose refuse and broken glass; reducing the risk of injury and mitigating owner liability.

Improved Tenancy

Tenant Retention

With the added convenience of Pick N Go's EasyWaste system, why choose any other property? Our door-step waste removal service will leave tenants hard-pressed to find a cleaner, more attractive place to live.

Increased Occupancy

Pick N Go offers a service that makes every day waste removal simple for tenants while making your property a more desirable location for prospective tenants.

Presentable Grounds

Don't risk losing a prospect due to unsightly grounds – make curb appeal a priority with Pick N Go Property Waste Services. Our professionals will clear walkways, lawns, and breezeways of loose debris so your property is always ready to present.

Multi-Unit Contact Form

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